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3.5 g/mL was chosen as the coating concentration following 4-parameter analysis. employed for the recognition antibody focus.(TIF) pone.0024269.s003.tif (4.9K) GUID:?0E0B25C5-671B-43B8-B633-32D59E1D9A40 Figure S4: Comparability of SMN protein sign in mouse tissue with ELISA and Traditional western blots. Brain tissues from postnatal time 9 KO and postnatal time 50 HET Delta7 mice had been homogenized and analyzed […]

analyzed and interpreted the data

analyzed and interpreted the data. and dysfunction associated with MI, as well as tubulointerstitial fibrosis in a CKD model. These inhibitors could be used for other diseases that involve NGAL, such as cancer Lubiprostone or metabolic diseases, creating new therapeutic options. (NGAL) gene inactivation blunts the functional and morphological consequences of MI11. We therefore tested […]